Ten Ways to Improve Your Escort Experience

There are many ways that you can take your experience with a beautiful escort from bland to absolutely beguiling.

Read on to find out how to take your escort experience to a whole new level.

  1. Be adventurous in bed – One of the best parts about an escort experience is that it is completely private, and therefore if there has ever been something you have wanted to try in the bedroom but have been afraid to ask a girl, you have the perfect partner with an escort.
  2. Try something you have never done before – Go skydiving, scuba diving, go to IMAX, you don’t have to be limited to the standard notions of an escort date – many escort girls get bored by this and would be stoked to try something completely different for a change.
  3. Date a girl from a culture you know nothing about – This is an interesting way to spice things up, you can learn about a culture you knew nothing about whilst finding out that you may have had an underlying attraction to girls from that culture all along.
  4. Choose a girl based upon personality –You are often able to learn about an escorts personality before booking, so try something different and book her based upon this.
  5. Book a hotel – Not a cheap motel somewhere on the highway leading out of town, but a stylish, elegant hotel. This will really add to the experience and allows you to stay somewhere you never had before.
  6. Book a hotel, out of town – Whilst you’re at it, why not book a hotel out of town? You might consider somewhere down on the coast — such gestures often charm escort girls.
  7. Pamper your date – Have your beautiful escort come to your home/hotel room, and provide her with the full treatment: bubble bath, massage, champagne – they will love it, and it will really spice things up for later.
  8. Roleplay – Okay, this sort of relates back to being adventurous in the bedroom, but if you have always wanted to roleplay but have never had the chance, try it out with your escort.
  9. Take her shopping with you – Not everything about a date with an escort has to be sexualised – you can even take her shopping with you, and she can give you some valuable advice on your choice of outfit.
  10. Cook with them — This can be a great way to get to know your escort, and can also be far more enjoyable than sitting around waiting for food at a fancy restaurant.

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