How I Became an Escort

People often ask me how I got into this illustrious business, and my answer is always simple: a friend asked me if I wanted to. They assumed that because I work as an escort I must have been approached at my prior position as a stripper or must have been struggling to pay my way through uni – these are just stereotypical assumptions of the industry. And although my answer is as simple and plain as a friend asking me, the story that followed is a bit more, let’s just say, rambunctious.

A business meeting

My friend Sara had been working as a high-end escort for about eight months when we were having drinks one night and she told me of a Swedish businessman who was coming to town and contacted Budget Escorts. She told me he required a short, curvy brunette with oriental features but the girl who usually filled that roll was on vacation. At first I said, “come on, are you serious?” but then I became more enthralled by the adventure of the situation.

A meeting in a luxury hotel suite with a middle-aged Swedish businessman? “Alright, I’ll give it a go,” I said. The following night I found myself at one of Melbourne’s finest hotels and gained admittance to the 15th floor by repeating the name “Karlsson” to the concierge. I was wearing a grey winter coat with only some lacy pink lingerie underneath.

I got up to the room, knocked on the door, and a handsome 40-or-so year old with a Scandinavian accent answered and gently led me to the living room. “Take it off.” He said, and I took off my winter coat as he came behind me and began to softly rub my shoulders and arms, kissing my beck, I have to say it really turned me on.

We made love in the living room and then in the showers, it was the perfect introduction to the industry, and I haven’t looked back.

You can have this experience, too

If you would like to experience pleasure in the way I do with my wonderful clients, please don’t be shy. The girls at Budget Escorts love to meet new men, whether in a hotel or at the home.

Feel free to call us on 03 9495 2726 to book an evening with one of the girls just like me, we cannot wait to hear from you.


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