How many Escorts can I book ?

One, two, three or more…… many as you can handle. Our Ladies are always up for a party time with you and your friends. When booking more than two ladies, try to allow us a little extra time in organising their arrival for the same time.

How long does it take for the Lady to arrive at my door ?

Depending on the time of day and your location, travel time can vary.  Generally if close in to the city is 20 min to 40 min wait time. Further out could be a little longer depending on the Lady’s location. We do also travel out to Mornington Peninsula , Bellarine Peninsula and other country towns usually for a minimum 2 hour booking and a travel charge. Please call to discuss availability and Prices.

Will the Lady entertain my sexual fantasies ?

Certainly. The Ladies are always eager to partake in your kinky desires. Whether you are in for the ride of your life or wanting just a slow tantalising relaxing time there will be a Perfect Lady to suit your desires. Please inform the receptionist of your requests at time of booking so they can find the right Lady for you.

I’m a virgin, will she laugh at me ?

Not at all, we all need to start somewhere. Would’nt it be better to practice before you actually need to make that real performance which could make or break a relationship. Pick up some real techniques on how to please a Lady and you will be confident in the bedroom with your special Ladyfriend when the time happens.

My partner and I want to try a threesome ?

Great, most Escorts are Bi Sexual and have some real experience in what makes a fun threesome. A lot of the demand is usually initiated by the male . Our ladies are trained to involve your female partner as much or as little as she feels comfortable with. Your Ladyfriend may feel intimidated by another woman , she need not be as our ladies are very understanding. Most couples are calling back to book another threesome as they enjoyed it so much.

How do I select the right Lady ?

With access to hundreds of Ladies, you need to be clear about what you like and prefer your choice to be. The more info you give us helps us to locate the best match Lady for your booking. The info we need to know is what is most important to you

Is it size? Is it age? Is it time factor? Is it race? Is it a certain service?

Keep in mind that the Lady you may want and be perfect for you may be 30 mins away or over 60min away . Are you willing to wait or would you prefer a different choice of someone quicker? There are many factors that come into choosing the right Lady. Try to be flexible and you will be happy very soon…………

Is booking an Escort actually Legal in Australia ?

You can be assured the Budget Escorts is a government Licensed reputable Legal Establishment in Australia. All our Ladies are regularly tested for STI’s and offer clean safe services.

Are the photos of the Escorts real ?

As you can imagine some Ladies wish to keep a discreet profile and may choose to blur their face for privacy reasons. Some Ladies of course are open about their profiles so it can vary whether the Lady will show her face but the actual photo is real. Please respect that some Ladies have day jobs, have children, have families who do not understand.

What are the payment options ?

For total discreetness, cash is best.

All Credit Cards , will not show on statement as “Escort” but as a Marketing company.

Eft can be made only for advance bookings 24 hours in advance.

What if I don’t like her when she arrives ?

Hopefully this won’t happen , but if it did there will be a small cancellation fee due to her for travelling time and expenses.

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