How I Became an Escort – Finding My Calling as a Callgirl

I suppose I will just start by saying this: I have always preferred the company of men. Having grown up with two older brothers, I grew up with boys around and really just always felt more comfortable around them.

I got along well with both of my older brothers’ friends and had my share of flings with them. So, I have naturally always just enjoyed being around men.

So before I tell you how it happened I guess I’ll just say it came as second nature to me when it happened.

Being Brought into the Game

I had always seen escorts in American television shows and movies but never thought of the industry being as flourishing and vibrant as it is in Australia. Until, that is, one of my good friends from high school began to work for an agency in central Sydney.

She was having the time of her life, and always recounting tales of extravagant dinners and yacht rides with some of Sydney’s most illustrious and highly-confidential men. Whilst a few of our girlfriends were, to say the least, put off by our friend being in the escort industry, I found myself becoming jealous, and wanted in.

So, I asked my friend Sabrina if she would take me along to the agency’s office to meet the manager and she was more than happy to. I went into the office, and one week later I was out on my first date with a businessman from Argentina.

I have to admit, on my first date I was pretty nervous, and almost apprehensive, but I had the time of my life. He took me for cocktails and nibbles at a bar on Darling Harbour, and then out on a yacht he had borrowed from a friend who lived in the city. He showed me how to sail, something which I had never done before but now love (whenever I get the opportunity, although I haven’t bought my own yacht, yet…), and then he took me downstairs to make some waves of our own.

I knew from that day on that this was what I wanted to do: have fun and help men to enjoy themselves in a way they might not have had the chance to do beforehand.

Whilst being in the escort industry is not for all girls, if you like enjoying some of the finer things in life whilst making people happy at the same time, it’s not the worst gig in the world.

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